The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China - China, 2003

This is actually three photos stitched together (by hand in Paint Shop Pro rather than with an auto-sticthing app), which was the best way to try to capture the shear scale of The Great Wall.

Table Mountain - South Africa, 2004

Another stitch up job – this time two photos taken from the top of Table Mountain looking south towards the Cape of Good Hope.

Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach - USA, 2007

A very simple photo, sunset over Santa Monica Beach, but I think it captures something of the essence of California

Uluru Sunrise

Uluru Sunrise - Australia, 2008

This isn’t the traditional Uluru sunrise photo, with the rock slowly turning orange as the sun rises. It’s taken from the sunset position, so the sun is rising behind the rock, which for my money is a more spectacular shot.

Castle Rock

Castle Rock - Canada, 2009

Castle Mountain in the Canadian Rockies just outside Banff.

Fruit Smoothies at La Boqueria

Fruit Smoothies at La Boqueria

From a trip to Spain in 2010.La Boqueria, a food market on La Rambla in Barcelona, had stall after stall selling fruit smoothies in these clear plastic cups. I just loved the colours.

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